Jul 18, 2012

Will "Call the Midwife" on PBS prove too gory for refined "Downton Abbey" fans?

In a column in London's Daily Telegraph, writer Glenda Cooper wonders whether American viewers of the upcoming presentation of Call the Midwife "may be in for a bit of a shock — despite PBS’s carefully describing the drama as 'colourful' (as in blood-drenched)." Cooper says the adaptation of a young East End midwife's life features "graphic descriptions of Fifties obstetrics — which left its British audience spending half their time soaked in tears of joy, and the other half-hiding behind the sofa."

Will the series inspire Downton Abbey's passion among fans, who took to throwing highbrow Downton-themed parties? That's tough to tell, Cooper says. "After all, it’s hard to plan a dinner party around a series that begins with two women (one heavily pregnant) beating each other up, before segueing into a graphic description of the effects of syphilis."

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