Aug 15, 2008

Alaska net announces reorganization

On his blog, John Proffitt unveils the internal reorganization of Alaska Public Telecommunications, which got underway yesterday. “The primary collapse is to bring together radio and television and the web — to date just a subset of my duties — under a single manager (me),” he writes. The Anchorage-based joint licensee now comprises four divisions: streams, production, advancement and operation.

Was NewsHour right to pass on Edwards story?

PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler questions why PBS’s NewsHour with Jim Lehrer paid little attention to John Edwards’ admission of an extramarital affair. “[T]he decision not to report the Edwards confirmation story struck me as both patronizing to people who depend on PBS for news, and journalistically mind-boggling,” Getler wrote in his weekly column. But the ombud also noted that most NewsHour viewers who wrote him on the subject favored the show’s decision not to cover the story when it first broke.