Jun 5, 2009

Viewers continue to react to 'We Shall Remain'

Lots of letters in the PBS ombudsman's mailbag this week, including more "dealing with challenges arising from the five-part American Experience series 'We Shall Remain' on American Indian history," writes Michael Getler.

Actor REALLY thinks PBS should have Tonys show

The Tony Awards belong on PBS, actor Kevin Spacey told New York Post theater columnist Michael Riedel. In fact, Spacey said: "The Tonys should be produced by theater people. Mike Nichols should be the director. The show should be on PBS and everyone should get their award, and then we don't have to give a (bleep!) about ratings." The show currently airs on CBS.

KRVS transitions into new studio

KRVS-FM, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette licensee, has a new home on campus. Spiffy new equipment includes Wheatstone Evolution 5 consoles in editing suites and studios, and custom-made furniture for console units. An Evolution 6 console operates the master control room positioned to oversee interview and performance studios, according to, website of the local WBRZ-News 2 comstation in Baton Rouge. “We experienced no down time," reports Dave Spizale, KRVS g.m. "It was a great coordinated effort with the construction, the university and our staff.”