May 8, 2009

Estate from "Roadshow" appraiser coming up for auction

The estate of Antiques Roadshow appraiser Richard Wright, who died March 1, will go up for auction in October, Skinner Auctioneers & Appraisers has announced. Included will be Wright's extensive collection of dolls and doll accessories, "one of the most prominent doll collections to be seen in the auction world for many years," according to a statement from Skinner. Wright was considered a leading expert in doll appraisals.

On tonight's fight card: PBS vs. "American Idol"

Conservative website CNSNews (Motto: “The Right News. Right Now”) polled various members of Congress on this pressing question: Which better reflects American values–Fox’s American Idol or PBS? Most replies were, well, politically correct. Rep. Gregg Harper, R-Miss., said, “How about ... none of the above. American Idol is very much a cultural phenomenon, and certainly there are more viewers of that than the PBS system, but I enjoy both of them.” A similar cop-out from Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va. “I have to leave that to everybody else to make their decision,” Forbes said. “I don’t think most people look to either American Idol or PBS broadcasting for all of their values.”

Classical host cut in Colorado

Colorado Public Radio has laid off Stephanie Wendt, a classical-music host based in Minnesota. A memo to the staff said the change “reflects our ongoing need to address Colorado Public Radio’s continued financial situation.” The station has been struggling; earlier this year its bond rating was downgraded, according to a Current story in March.

Weekly underwriting now encouraged

The Sponsorship Group for Public Television, a sales organization for producers, is now pitching to underwriters on kid's shows including Arthur and Clifford to run spots for as short as a week, The New York Times is reporting. Current reported in October 2008 that pubcasters had been advocating for such a move; the Sponsorship Group had previously offered only yearlong sponsorships. “We’re trying to be more flexible,” Suzanne Zellner, veep for corporate sponsorships for WGBH, told the Times.

The next Bob Ross?

The late "happy trees" pubpainter Bob Ross is a very tough act to follow. But Anne Mimi Sammis is picking up the palette. And there'll be guest-star artists! According to a press release, Love to Paint with Mimi is a 13-episode series to be available in HD and SD via satellite feed from NETA. Check out her website to see the painter and sculptor with Queen Elizabeth.