Apr 8, 2009

NET audit details missing inventory

A state audit of Nebraska's NET reveals the pubcaster can't account for almost $600,000 of property, according to the Lincoln Journal Star. Missing inventory includes a $29,000 video camera and two $23,000 Betamax tape players. NET listed 91 items last summer it couldn't find for at least four years. NET is reviewing its practices for tracking property. "On balance, I’d say this is a well-run agency," state auditor Mike Foley said.

Tensions mounting over NPR budget woes

When KCRW's Ruth Seymour responded to Susan Stamberg's proposal to raise money for NPR by mounting a national pledge drive, she reminded the longtime NPR host that the recession is affecting local stations too: "We have our own programs to consider, our staffs to protect, and local communities to answer to," she wrote in a March 31 email that accompanies this Wall Street Journal story on how NPR's budget woes have exacerbated tensions with local stations.