Apr 15, 2004

The FCC asked for comments today on the rule changes required as radio moves to digital broadcasting. (PDF.) The commission specifically asked for comments on whether it should allow supplemental channels, and how digital broadcasting will affect noncommercial stations and LPFMs. The FCC's site links to commissioners' statements. Also today, CPB announced more than $5 million in grants helping 76 public radio stations convert to digital broadcasting.
NPR Ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin sizes up Air America, the liberal talk radio network, in his latest column: "NPR would do well to pay close attention to Air America's fortunes to see if monolithic and conservative commercial radio has begun to run its course."
Democracy Now host Amy Goodman talks with "Book Babe" Margo Hammond: "The media has simply served as a conveyer belt for the lies of the administration."
Sponsorship Group for Public Television, WGBH's new national underwriting sales group, launched a new website at The group reps Sesame Street and Barney & Friends as well as WGBH's own shows.
Two segments from a new pilot episode of Public Radio Weekend have been added to the show's website.