Jul 25, 2005

The Chicago Sun-Times goes behind the scenes with Wait Wait . . . Don't Tell Me!, which recently switched to live tapings before an audience. "[W]e did it so long without an audience it was almost like a rehearsal, a six-year rehearsal," says Doug Berman, e.p. "And we got so good at it that by the time we went out in front of an audience, it was great every time." (Via Romenesko.)
In the New York Times, This American Life host Ira Glass expresses mixed reactions about the show's recent experiments with television.
An executive council seeking the director of the new Iowa Public Radio network is looking for a candidate with "Midwestern cultural competency," according to the Iowa State Daily.
Producer Jay Allison offers stations tips for creating interstitial content on their airwaves, including "Sonic IDs".
The New York Times looks at Open Source, the new show from Christopher Lydon: "Because of the program's interactive component, its benchmark of success might be less the number of stations that ultimately carry the program and more the online presence Open Source establishes."
The New York Times drops in on the set of A Prairie Home Companion The Movie. "All of us understand and respond to the fact that this is his [Garrison Keillor's] baby, he is the creator, and that this is a 30-year project being immortalized on film," says actress Virginia Madsen. (Coverage in Current.)