Sep 20, 2006

Senate committee drops Warren Bell nomination

Television comedy writer Warren Bell will not appear at tomorrow's Senate confirmation hearing for CPB Board nominees, according to an news release posted by the Commerce Committee.

Where did NPR's burger money go? - The Boston Globe

Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam asks what Joan Kroc's gift has done for public radio. "Two hundred twenty-five million dollars later, public radio certainly hasn't gotten worse," he writes. "But I don't hear that it has gotten any better."

Andy Warhol looks a scream

Filmmaker Ric Burns explains to the New York Times why "Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film," debuting tonight on PBS's American Masters, is a "nerd film." Reviews in the Hollywood Reporter and San Francisco Chronicle note the artist who famously set the standard of 15 minutes of fame for everyone has himself been given four hours. Newsday's reviewer is disappointed that Burns "skims past" the less inspiring chapters of Warhol's life, "such as the endless evenings he spent cozying up to celebrities at Studio 54."

APTS may join fight against CPB Board nominee

The APTS Board will decide later this week whether to oppose Senate confirmation of CPB Board nominee Warren Bell. "We have not hesitated to express our strong reservations to the members of the Senate Commerce Committee about him," APTS President John Lawson tells Broadcasting & Cable. "We had hoped that he would come forward and reach out and help allay some of the fears that we have, but we haven't seen any attempts like that."