Sep 9, 2009

Database reveals pubcasting requests for broadband stimulus funds

PBS is asking for $8.7 million from broadband stimulus funds, according to a new database of first-round applicants. PBS says it will partner with eight stations to "combine national content and existing outreach programs to stimulate demand for educational broadband content" in a project it calls PBS Broadband Communities. Among other pubcasting-related requests: The National Black Programming Consortium, $11.5 million for a 200-person Public Media Corps building on the New Media Institute. The University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development in Ann Arbor, Mich., $2.1 million to connect PBS to more than 62,000 institutions such as schools, libraries and state governments through the "next generation" Internet2. Mississippi Public Broadcasting, $2.2 million to provide technology for low-income children ages 0-5 years old and their parents. Wyoming PBS, $513,000 to develop its statewide Digital Learning Library for teachers. Previously reported was Florida Public Broadcasting's application for $22 million. Grants are due to be awarded next year.

Report probes filmmaking ethics

Honest Truths: Documentary Filmmakers on Ethical Challenges in Their Work is the latest study from the Center for Social Media at American University. It's based on 45 long-form interviews. Overall, the report found, producers and directors face on a daily basis a "lack of clarity and standards in ethical practice." Furthermore, the conversations demonstrate "a need for a more public and focused conversation about ethics before any standards emerging from shared experience and values can be articulated."

Keillor hospitalized for a minor stroke

Prairie Home Companion star Garrison Keillor, 67, suffered a minor stroke over the weekend, reports Minnesota Public Radio. Doctors at the Minnesota hospital where Keillor is being treated expect to release him on Friday. The Star Tribune says fans were alerted to his condition on the pubradio host's Facebook page that reportedly said, "Garrison Keillor has landed in the hospital, one more pitiful giant with tubes in his hands, wearing a tiny hospital gown, peeing into a container, and endlessly reciting his correct name and date of birth. Have Mercy." That was later changed to: "Garrison Keillor is enjoying a sunny day at an undisclosed location in southern Minnesota." Keillor said in a statement he expects to be ready for the show's season opener on Sept. 26.

Site provides stations with H1N1 information, content

CPB and PRX are cooperating on an H1N1 website for stations, Local and national reports are available, as well as data from health organizations, content and widgets from websites within the system and a blog.

Commerce IG looking at broadband grant program

The Inspector General's Office of the Commerce Department is reviewing the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, according to Broadcasting and Cable. The investigation will focus mainly on efficiency and the online application process. Several pubstations have applied for grants, including Florida Public Broadcasting Service; it's asking for $22 million to connect public service entities into the Florida LambaRail high-speed network.