Apr 18, 2009

Jane Pauley praises NewsHour

Longtime broadcaster Jane Pauley told an audience at DePauw University Friday what the NewsHour means to her. "I depend on the NewsHour on PBS," reports the university's website. "I pray that Jim Lehrer lives forever, because what they do is journalism, and in broadcast journalism it is, in my opinion, the absolute best and I absolutely depend on it. I gotta say the network shows are, to me, I watch them but they're optional. The NewsHour is not optional."

New Hampshire station lays off five

New Hampshire Public Television laid off five employees this week, citing the bad economy. Four vacant positions also will not be filled. "We tried in every way we could to reduce expenditures in other areas," spokeswoman Grace Lessner told Foster's Daily Democrat. "It's a very unhappy thing to let people go." The paper added that last year, NHPTV became a wholly owned nonprofit subsidiary of the University System of New Hampshire after over 40 years of the University of New Hampshire having the authority for the station's day-to-day operations.