Jan 21, 2004

Early-aircraft enthusiasts and the producers of Nova are at odds over insurance proceeds from the crash of a Wright Brothers' biplane replica in Virginia, the Fauquier Times-Democrat reported. Nova, which put up some money for the project, planned to film the replica.
Senators escaped having their votes recorded with a nonexistent voice vote on the war-related $87 billion bill, so NPR's Daniel Schorr suggested that people ask them how they "voted." Fifteen members of the Society of Professional Journalists called senators and reported their findings yesterday. The bill would have passed anyway, it seems, though 19 senators refused to disclose how they would have voted.
Lanpher watch update: Katherine L. will be Al Franken's co-host as rumored, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported today. She leaves a big gap at Minnesota Public Radio, where she hosted a talk show, said news chief Bill Buzenberg.