May 29, 2007

Gossip can travel slowly but persists

Word has reached Poland that Tinky-Winky may be gay -- and possibly a threat to children. Reuters reported that a government official became concerned when she learned that the purse-carrying purple member of the Teletubbies kidvid quartet was a boy tubbie. Tittering over the news item began within days after the death of the Rev. Jerry Falwell. CNN wondered whether the "King Lear" remarks of Falwell's recent years would outweigh his legacy as a leader for faith-based politics.

Sacramento station buys Stockton outlet

Sacramento's Capital Public Radio has purchased its outlet in Stockton, KUOP, which it has operated for six years under an agreement with the station's licensee, the University of the Pacific, Central Valley Business Times reported Saturday.

Street named for WETA founder

On Saturday, the government of Arlington County, Va., will name a street that runs past WETA's offices after the station's founder, the late Elizabeth Campbell, WETA said. It's South 28th Street, the main drag of the Shirlington shopping area, where you can see NewsHour and WETA staffers lunching in outdoor cafes. Mrs. Campbell died two years ago at the age of 101.