Jan 30, 2004

"I love the BBC and I am resigning because I want to protect it." Andrew Gilligan, the journalist whose reporting sparked a battle over the BBC's independence, resigned today.
"And now the second invasion of the Iraq war proceeds: the conquest of the British Broadcasting Corporation." Investigative journalist Greg Palast writes that the Blair government's attack on the BBC "portends darkness for journalists everywhere."
WGBH has added Sesame Street to the portfolio of children's programs it reps for national underwriting. WGBH's Sponsorship Group for Public Television also seeks backing for Barney & Friends and Angelina Ballerina as well as the station's own Arthur, Zoom and Between the Lions.
Anne Wood, creator of Teletubbies and now Boohbah always chooses "to go with the mind of a child and what the child needs" says PBS's John Wilson in a Los Angeles Times interview. Wilson says that can lead to the "I don't get it factor" with grownups. "But all you have to do is watch it with your own child a few times and you see that they do get it."