Jan 25, 2009

McCain opposes broadband stimulus

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, a lead sponsor of the 2005 Community Broadband Act, has reversed his stance. On Jan. 25's Fox News Sunday, the former presidential candidate said: "Some of the stimulus in this package is excellent; some of it, frankly, has nothing to do — some of the projects and others that you just mentioned, $6 billion for broadband and Internet access. That will take years." Broadband stimulus is one part of President Barack Obama's economic proposal. His broadband plan is to create jobs by building out greater access to the Internet, and improve America's technological competitive edge in the world by making the Internet faster.

Report forecasts economy 2009-19

The Congressional Budget Office has issued its economic and budget predictions for FY2009 through FY2019 early to "aid the new Congress in its deliberations," according to the CBO director's blog. Outlook details: "A marked contraction in the U.S. economy in calendar year 2009" followed by a "slow recovery" in 2010. It also says America "is in a recession that will probably be the longest and the deepest since World War II."

WFYI state funding may disappear

Indiana PubTV's WFYI is facing a total elimination of state funding under Gov. Mitch Daniels' budget proposals. Due to reductions in private donations, the station last week laid off five staffers and ended production of several programs. Now Daniels wants to strip all state funding, $517,000, or less than 5 percent of the station budget. However, WFYI management said each state dollar helps raise some $8 in funding from foundations, corporations and individuals.