Jul 24, 2006

Cringely: Print still beats the web for news

Longtime Internet journalist Robert X. Cringely, columnist, outlines the ways in which musty old newspapers are still far superior to web news outlets. "The Internet is, in fact, the idiot savant of journalism," he writes, "supremely good at a thing or two and not at all good at anything else." | Native American channel launching?

A host on WPFW-FM in Washington, D.C., has joined the effort to launch a cable channel for Native Americans. "We can see the culture, the history, the issues, the everyday life -- the smiles and the frowns -- of Native Americans," says Jay Winter Nightwolf in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Nightwolf is news director and chief of television and radio program production for Native American Television Inc.

WTWP Radio Gets Off to a Slow, But Game Start

Washington Post Radio in Washington, D.C., earned less than a one percent audience share in its first three months on the air, the paper reports. "It's in the low range of what we expected," says station exec Jim Farley, who has made clear his intent to draw listeners away from the city's public radio outlets.

6% of U.S. Web Users Have Downloaded Podcasts, Says Nielsen Analytics: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Six percent of web users in the United States have downloaded podcasts, according to a Nielsen Analytics report, and 38 percent of podcast downloaders say they're listening to radio less often. "For a technology that's relatively new, it's a good number that indicates growth," says an analyst in the Washington Post.

Sirius admits modulators are out of compliance

Sirius Satellite Radio has admitted that it directed manufacturers to make radios that did not comply with FCC regulations, reports Radio World. Radio listeners have complained that satellite radios in nearby cars at times drown out terrestrial stations at the lower end of the dial, posing a problem for some public and Christian stations. Also in Radio World: A Media Audit study found that listeners to NPR-formatted stations have the second-highest incomes among listeners to more than 60 radio formats.

Playbill News: NPR Offers Its First Live Classical Webcast, From California's Festival del Sole

Friday marked NPR's first live webcast of a classical music concert, according to Playbill. The performance originated from the Festival de Sole in northern California's Napa Valley.

Todd Mundt returns to Iowa to head IPR’s Content Media Efforts

Todd Mundt will join Iowa Public Radio in Des Moines next month as director of content and media. Mundt now serves as chief content officer at Michigan Public Media in Ann Arbor. On his blog, he writes, "I'm excited because there's a chance for Iowa to be one of the leaders in re-imagining the partnership we have with our audience."