Sep 13, 2006

Tucker Carlson, "Dancing with the Stars"

Now here's something you'll really like: YouTube has a clip of Tucker Carlson's first (possibly last?) appearance on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, courtesy Wonkette.

NBC enters download biz, Apple aims at living rooms

The New York Times reports on two new developments in the race to get ahead in the "My Time" media biz: NBC created a new company that will distribute video to various Internet sites and reportedly take a 50 percent split of the ad revenues. And Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday unveiled a wireless device, dubbed iTV, that will pull video and music from the computer to the television. Apple also announced the pricing structure for downloads of new movies offered by its iTunes online store.

Huffington Posties take aim at "NewsHour"

A Huffington Post plug for last night's NewsHour segment on the ABC docudrama "Path to 9/11" drew some negative comments, and a lukewarm defense, of the NewsHour itself.

Farai Chideya replaces Ed Gordon at NPR's News & Notes

NPR said it has named Farai Chideya, a correspondent and sometime host for News & Notes, to replace Ed Gordon as host of the weekdaily public affairs hour. The network will also add online interactivity to the show produced with African-American pubradio stations. Chideya is founder of the Pop + Politics website and former talk host of San Francisco's KALW-FM who has worked for ABC News, CNN, MTV, Oxygen cable channel and Newsweek. Nicole Childers was promoted to e.p. NPR and Gordon swapped some finger-pointing this summer over responsibility for the program's limited carriage.

Digital theatrical screenings before PBS debut of Warhol bio

Ric Burns' four-hour American Masters bio, Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film, is having digital theatrical debuts hosted by pubTV stations that began Sunday in 20 cities around the country, WNET announced. (The late artist's brother, Paul Warhola, will appear at tomorrow's screening in the Pittsburgh area, where Warhol grew up.) Emerging Pictures, which seeks to put arthouse films on more screens around the country, is distributing to theaters [15 listed].