Aug 13, 2007

Maker of tainted toys kills himself

The owner of a Chinese factory hung himself after the company was blamed for using toxic paint on Sesame Street and Nickelodeon toys sent to the United States, London's Guardian reported. The Chinese government had suspended the factory's export license. Zhang Shuhong died in the warehouse of his company, Lida Industries in Guangdong province, a world center of toymaking.

Trivedi keeps laying down Bricklane Beats

The Boston Globe profiles Komal Trivedi, a Public Radio Talent Quest contestant who was eliminated during Round 2 of the competition. Trivedi, host of the South Asian music show Bricklane Beats on Boston College station WZBC, is one of a handful of U.S.-based advocates for Bhangra, a traditional musical form from India and Pakistan that's infused with elements of Punjabi and Western dance music, according to the Globe.

Gunman's bullet narrowly misses KPFT dj

Early this morning, a gunman shot through an outer window of Pacifica station KPFT in Houston. The bullet came within 18 inches of hitting the head of Mary Thomas, the dj who was hosting a Zydeco music show, according to the Houston Chronicle. [Via Rolas de Aztlan.]

Variety on THE WAR scheduling

PBS should have thought more about courting viewers age 18-49 ("the demo") when it scheduled The War, argues an August 9 article in Variety. Writes Brian Lowry, "it's precisely 'the demo' that this massive undertaking cries out to be watched by, beginning with the children and grandchildren -- from baby boomers to Gen-X-Y-Whatever -- who grew up blanketed in liberty and wanton consumerism thanks to the war generation's collective sacrifice. Here, unfortunately, is where PBS' pigheadedness enters the picture, sending this seven-night event into battle starting Sept. 23 -- directly opposite the major networks' new fall season. So the heroes of 'The War' will go up against 'Heroes,' its medics against 'Grey's Anatomy,' its men of the much-decorated 442nd regiment against 'Two and a Half Men.'"