Dec 12, 2005

"[T]he few extra bucks aren't worth it." PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler writes that WGBH and PBS erred by allowing the Las Vegas Convention Authority and other local groups to underwrite Las Vegas: An Unconventional History.
The Traffic Directors Guild of America is completing its annual salary survey for traffic continuity, office and business managers in public and commercial broadcasting. The online survey ends Friday, Dec. 16. Results will be published in mid-January. For more information on the guild, see its website.
CPB seeks to award a three-year contract to a distributor of programming to Native radio stations.
The audience of WETA-FM in Washington, D.C. is "smaller, no more generous than the classical audience was, and no more reflective of the demographics of the Washington area" 10 months after the station dropped classical music in favor of news, writes the Washington Post's Marc Fisher. (Earlier coverage in Current.)