Jan 19, 2006

Does "a maze of twisty little roads, all alike" ring a bell? To some alert geeks, it did, and NPR science reporter David Kestenbaum has 'fessed up to slipping that reference to an early text-adventure computer game into a recent story on Morning Edition.
The Radio Research Consortium has commissioned Audience 2010, a study led by researchers George Bailey and David Giovannoni that seeks to understand public radio's recent decline in audience and to recommend tactics for reversing it.
Louisiana Public Broadcasting Executive Director Beth Courtney and her husband paid a $10,000 fine after the state ethics board determined that TV production subcontracts involving Bob Courtney's company violated conflict of interest laws, reports the Baton Rouge Advocate. (The ethics opinion is posted here.) Accuracy in Media, a right-wing media watchdog group that endorsed Kenneth Tomlinson's campaign to balance public broadcasting, issued a news release calling for a federal investigation into whether Beth Courtney, a CPB Board member who opposed Tomlinson, violated CPB's ethics code.