Jan 20, 2006

Nearly all Poynter Institute staffers surveyed say they listen to NPR as part of their daily news diet.
"In the radio business, if someone's not criticizing you for something, you're probably not doing your job," says Gerry Weston, who has stepped down as president of the Public Radio Partnership in Louisville, Ky. A Louisville Courier-Journal article presents a host of speculations about why Weston has resigned, reportedly under pressure from his board of directors. "It's a complex situation," says a former employee.
"[NPR's leaders] still believe it is the responsibility of the journalist to focus the attention of the listener on issues that are important," says Ted Koppel in a Wall Street Journal article about network TV reporters recently hired at NPR. NOTE: New host Michel Martin will have to adjust to a lower salary. "I'm going to save a lot of money on haircuts," she says.