Mar 28, 2005

Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street Week played a small role in the Internet speculation bubble, writes Jay Hancock, a Baltimore Sun business journalist, but its contributions were greater as originator of financial journalism on TV.
Iowa state senators have introduced a bill asking the nascent Iowa Public Radio network to consider playing "modern progressive musical content."
In a new example of the creeping commercial- ization of PTV under- writing, spots plugging burrito chain Chipotle will spoof pledge drives and Masterpiece Theatre, the New York Times reports. The 15-second ads, er, credits will accompany American Public Television's How to Cook Everything: Bittman Takes On America's Chefs beginning in April.
This story in the New York Times suggests that Washington's indecency crusade will only get tougher with the departure of Michael Powell from the FCC. It also contains the following quote, excerpted from a dissenting opinion penned by new commission chairman Kevin J. Martin: "Despite my colleagues' assurance that there appeared to be a safe distance between the prostitute and the horse, I remain uncomfortable."