Nov 22, 2002

Frontline producer and reporter Martin Smith discusses "In Search of Al Qaeda", which aired last night on many PBS stations.
A profile in today's Washington Post describes the Nov. 24 debut of Skinwalkers as a defining moment for PBS President Pat Mitchell.
PBS's publicity blitz for Skinwalkers on Mystery! is churning up a spate of favorable press. Google's news search engine turned up 11 newspaper stories published since Nov. 19. The LA Times ran a Nov. 17 feature on what a trial it was for Robert Redford to bring Tony Hillerman's Native American mystery to the screen.
PBS's Benjamin Franklin apparently held its own against stiff November sweeps competition. The first part of the two-night miniseries pulled in a 2.9 household rating, according to an account in Media Life. That's about 61 percent better than the network's national average this season.