Mar 14, 2007

'This American Life' -

Ira Glass of This American Life talks about the TV version of his radio show in a chat on the Washington Post's website: "This week we just finished a six-city tour . . . and in some of the cities, when I'd ask the audience 'were you worried when you heard we were doing a TV show?' they'd ROAR back yes. In Minnesota our director Chris Wilcha joked it's like when Dylan went electric and a guy in the audience yelled 'Judas!'"

Current Interview re Digital Distribution at Jake Shapiro blogs sometimes.

Jake Shapiro has blogged the transcript of an e-mail interview with Current in which he discusses efforts to create a digital distribution system for public media. "I think some version of it will happen, and soon," he says. "The question is whether it will be a truly collaborative venture or something just one or two players begin together."

SIRIUS Satellite Radio :: SIRIUS Satellite Radio Renews Long-Term Programming Deal With NPR

Sirius Satellite Radio renewed its programming deal with NPR and will carry the network's forthcoming news show aimed at younger listeners.

Public radio: ideal cab soundtrack

A Philadelphia Weekly writer waxes poetic about public radio: ". . . [L]istening to NPR in a warm cab during winter might be the best transportation experience in existence."

Has Success Spoiled NPR? - Media & Politics (

In a long article, Washingtonian magazine looks at NPR's evolution from alternative news source to high-profile outfit that might be recovering some of its old spirit. "We're moving away a little from this gray wash that I've been hearing too much of," says Susan Stamberg. "It's starting to breathe again in ways that remind me of the very earliest days, when we would take any chance, do any goofy thing."