Nov 24, 2010

FCC extends Emergency Alert System deadline

The FCC has extended the deadline for complying with new Emergency Alert System rules, reports Television Broadcast today (Nov. 24). The new deadline for all EAS participants to implement Common Alerting Protocol technology is now Sept. 30, 2011, instead of March 29, 2011.

Good reason to give thanks: NewsHour's TSA Time page

Traveling for Turkey Day? Check out PBS NewsHour's handy TSA Time page, which organizes Tweets by airport. This from O'Hare in Chicago: "OHare super nice. No line, arrived @ perfect time. Now 5 hour wait for flight." Oops.

Let's hope there are cookies in the Green Room . . .

Cookie Monster wants to host Saturday Night Live. (Hey, if octogenarian Betty White can do it . . .) Want to help? Watch Sesame Street's latest soon-to-be-viral video: Cookie Monster's audition tape for Saturday Night Live, then visit the "Cookie Monster should host Saturday Night Live!" Facebook page. As of Wednesday (Nov. 23) morning, more than 44,000 folks have signed up. As one wrote, "OMG!! This will be awesome!!!!!"