Feb 11, 2005

The website for James Dobson's Focus on the Family reports on new public TV funding proposals. "What they want to do is create an endowment so that they're insulated from Congress and from the taxpayer so they can go do whatever they want," says a spokesman for the Media Research Center.
Update on the affair that almost nobody calls Mommygate: In a Houston Chronicle interview, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings positions herself as an opponent of federal intervention in curriculum about homosexuality, evolution and other topics."I'm not going to sit up here in Washington, D.C., and try to dictate that," she said. Meanwhile, PBS President Pat Mitchell has asked for an internal probe into the gay moms blowup, says the Los Angeles Times. Stations reaching at least half of U.S. households have aired the Buster episode condemned by Spellings, Current will report in its Feb. 14 issue, which features an extended interview with Mitchell on pubTV's recent weeks of Heck.