Jan 24, 2007

Fewer consumers understand, want HD Radio

A recent Bridge Ratings survey found that more U.S. consumers know what HD Radio is since a previous June 2006 study, but fewer understand it or want to buy a digital radio. Bridge reduced its estimates of 2007 HD radio sales from 2.1 million to 1.5 million.

Goldfarb on foreign coverage

"American society is ignorant of what is happening in the world because the managers of its news industry are relying on only a handful of outlets to provide original coverage," writes Michael Goldfarb, who has a long track record in international reporting for public radio, in a letter to Romenesko.

CNAPR is now Native Public Media

The Center for Native American Public Radio has changed its name to Native Public Media and launched a new website. (PDF of press release.)

Public By Choice launches

"Public By Choice is a multimedia, interactive project designed to educate the audience about the public radio system and offer the system a flexible way to engage its audience." (Via Robert Paterson.)

TV violence may be next target for Congress, FCC

Reducing television violence may be the next thrust for Washington policymakers looking to expand the FCC's regulatory powers. Anticipating the release of a major FCC study on violence and gore on broadcast television, the Los Angeles Times reports on various approaches that have been floated in Congress.