Feb 14, 2010

Idaho PTV cuts CPB spots after state legislator's comments

Idaho Public Television has removed spots touting the importance of public television that featured state legislators, reports the Twin Falls, Idaho, Times-News website. In a recent hearing before the state joint finance-appropriations committee on funding for the station, a senator asked IPTV g.m. Peter Morrill if the appearances gave the politicians a political advantage. Morrill looked into the spots, then replied to the committee in a subsequent letter. The legislators "did not advocate for any funding proposal, only for the general public service that we provide,” Morrill wrote. “To avoid any further confusion, I have instructed my staff to take these spots off the air during the legislative session.” The promotion project is funded by CPB.

PBS ombudsman emerges from snowdrift with latest column

Plenty of interesting comments in this week's Mailbag (well, Snowbag) from the PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler. Topics include "The Bombing of Germany" from American Experience, and Frontline's "Flying Cheap."