Sep 18, 2008

WOSU's roomie is an aggie

ABN Radio, the largest farm radio network in Ohio, will relocate its headquarters to Ohio State University, where it will share a building with WOSU Public Media next year. It will renovate space recently vacated by WOSU, which opened its new digital radio facility in the building. Tom Rieland, WOSU's g.m., says the partnership "could lead to many interesting programming collaborations." ABN, heard on 65 stations, is run by a small, owner-operated company that runs BARN (Buckeye Ag Radio Network), according to WOSU. (Correction: It is not operated by the trade publishing company DTN, whose name appears at the bottom of ABN's website.)

St. Paul drops changes against arrested journalists

Charges against Amy Goodman, two producers of her program Democracy Now! and other journalists arrested by St. Paul police during the Republican National Convention will be dropped, Mayor Chris Coleman said today, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. The city had already dropped felony charges, including those against the program's two producers,leaving only misdemeanors on Wednesday, the program announced.

CPB Board nominees survive hearing unscarred

Three new nominees for CPB Board seats plus two nominated for reappointment came down decisively in favor of public broadcasting during a Senate hearing yesterday. The genial give-and-take is captured in a video webcast of the hearing on the Senate website (drag the cursor past 31 minutes, to avoid dead air). New nominees, as reported in Current, are Hollywood attorney Bruce M. Ramer, educator and APTS Board member Liz Sembler and Nevada broadcast journalist Loretta Sutliff (known in Elko as Lori Gilbert), who spoke up for local reporting. Coming back for second terms are Republican activist and former CPB Chair Cheryl Halpern and former Democratic senator and governor David Pryor. Written testimony of nominees, except for Pryor, also is posted. Pryor spoke via video feed from Little Rock, where the state Democratic Party drafted him to succeed the state party chair, who was fatally shot in the party's offices Aug. 13. (The killing remains unexplained, and the suspected gunman himself was fatally shot by police.)