Feb 27, 2008

Wear a sweater for Mr. Rogers

In honor of Fred Rogers on what would have been his 80th birthday, Mr. McFeely announced that March 20 will be sweater day in the Pittsburgh metro area. In a YouTube video produced by the Beaver County Times, McFeely (David Newell) urges fans everywhere to wear a favorite sweater to cap off "Won't You Be My Neighbor" Days events and activities, March 15-20. The celebrations are hosted by WQED and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood production company Family Communications, Inc., who brought the show to PBS 40 years ago. 

NPR's Folkenflik: from print to radio

"Joining NPR from the world of print was a bit like entering the Marine Corps at Parris Island," says NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik in an interview with Chip Scanlan on "You're completely stripped down and then built back up." Folkenflick talks about his transition to radio reporting, how he puts a story together, and how NPR's reputation is different than newspapers'. It's a "gratifying shift," he says, to hear not what's wrong about the newspaper he works for, but what's right about NPR.