Dec 10, 2007

Judge sues Georgia Public Broadcasting over debate program

"A senior Superior Court judge is suing the Georgia Public Broadcasting network because it won't air a debate the judge orchestrated and paid to produce," reports the AP. Judge Dann Winn apparently donated $5,000 to GPB and says there was a "handshake understanding" the pubcaster would air a Feb. 6, 2006, debate--featuring Winn--about the morality of dropping atomic bombs in WWII. The debate is available on GPB's online digital library. Winn, who represented the pro-bomb argument, said he wanted to challenge the idea that "America was barbaric and we were the bad guys."

Gillian Anderson is first of 3 new Masterpiece hosts

Three new Masterpiece Theatre hosts, starting with former X-Files co-star Gillian Anderson, are part of the series' previously reported makeover, and the familiar theme music will be reduced to a musical mention, the New York Times reported today. The new hosts succeed Russell Baker. Anderson will introduce the Masterpiece Classic period dramas from January to May, followed by two other hosts for the Masterpiece Mystery! shows in the summer and Masterpiece Contemporary in the fall. Anderson appeared on the series in Bleak House this spring. Viewers will see the makeover in January along with the Complete Jane Austen package.