Mar 31, 2004

CPB's latest figures for public TV and radio's total revenues, for fiscal year 2002, show the total continuing to rise to $2.28 billion. But public TV's number of members continued to fall, 1 million in nine years, 260,000 in a year.
Public TV won eight Peabody Awards and public radio three, the University of Georgia announced today. Bill Moyers and Jay Allison's received awards. WGBH won three and P.O.V., two.
Steve Bass, head of Nashville PTV, tells the Tennessean how the station could help emergency workers by datacasting information to them over the station's DTV signal.
When WQED flickered to life on April 1, 1954, it was the nation's first community-owned educational television station. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recalls the station's glory days, financial free-fall and slow recovery in a 50th anniversary feature.
Some letter-writers to Salon stick up for Bob Edwards, but one, supposedly an anonymous NPR reporter, says "those of us inside the newsroom are dumb­founded by Bob Edwards' enduring popularity."
Former Minnesota Public Radio host Katherine Lanpher is "the only person who appears to know what she's doing" on Al Franken's new left-wing talk show, says the Chicago Tribune (reg. req.).