Jul 15, 2005

Jim Terr offers a new song, "Hands Off My NPR" (MP3, Windows Media also available). "You can do anything to my blue suede shoes/You can splash mud on my car/But you’re gonna be awful sorry/If you mess with my NPR." Terr has also written a musical lament about Susan Stamberg's cranberry relish recipe.
Fitch Ratings affirmed Colorado Public Radio's bonds as stable but has downgraded Nashville Public Radio's bonds to negative, citing the station's negative operating margins and "resulting liquidity drawdowns to cover debt service costs."
Cheryl Halpern, a major Republican donor on the CPB Board, is likely successor to Ken Tomlinson as chair, the Washington Post reports. His term expires in September. Halpern stirred debate in a 2003 Senate hearing when she objected that the CPB Board lacks the power to do much about its balance mandate. When she and Tomlinson served on the board overseeing VOA, she said, they could remove journalists who editorialized.