Mar 8, 2004

L.A. Observed reports that Sandra Tsing Loh will comment on her firing from KCRW-FM in Los Angeles on today's Marketplace. In the Los Angeles Times, Loh said public radio is becoming "a seeping beigeness, a grim, endless, drumbeat of 'responsibility' that all the groovy Argentine trance-hop music in the world can't make up for."
The Guardian features a lengthy profile of Garrison Keillor. "He must live like a 19th-century vicar having to write his sermon every week," says Jane Smiley of Keillor. "In some ways that's why it is so reassuring."
Minnesota Public Radio has purchased a house which it will renovate and open to the public for tours, reports The Business Journals. Proceeds from the tours and the eventual sale of the house will fund a $46 million capital campaign for expansion of MPR's offices.
WAMU-FM in Washington, D.C., brought back longtime volunteers for its latest fund drive, part of its efforts to move past its recent troubles, reports the Washington Post. [Earlier coverage in Current.]