Jan 14, 2005

NPR reporter Jason Beaubien tells the Poynter Institute's Jill Geisler about covering the tsunami. "It taxes you as a radio reporter to get across the essence of this story . . . which is that this isn't just about a tragic event," he says. "It's about a tragic event times one million . . ."
After a four-year hiatus, NPR producer Van Williamson has resurrected his variety show Radio From Downtown, reports the Baltimore Sun. Susan Stamberg and Carl Kasell star in the production, which focuses on Maryland's Eastern Shore and comes off as "something of a marshy, saltwater version" of A Prairie Home Companion. (Reg. req.)
Columbia Journalism Review criticized NPR for informing listeners that Slate, its partner on Day to Day, was reporting exit poll data throughout Election Day, and the webzine's Jack Shafer snaps back. That prompts another salvo from CJR: "Ouch! What did you have for breakfast Thursday?"