Mar 10, 2003

More public radio stations than ever could change hands this year, reports an Associated Press article spurred by KQED's recent acquisition in Sacramento.
Frontline's producers objected to similarities between their PBS public affairs documentary series and the ABC reality show, Profiles From the Front Line, reports the Boston Globe. [scroll down to third story]
"What Mr. Rogers could have taught Michael Jackson" in Sunday's New York Times.
J.J. Yore, new v.p. of programming at Marketplace Productions, hopes to collaborate with L.A. station KPCC on projects such as a series about pop culture, reports the L.A. Times.
The Washington Post profiles Amy Goodman, host of Pacifica's Democracy Now!: "Her Edward R. Murrow comes always with a twist of Emma Goldman." Goodman was also in the news when she was arrested at a anti-war protest at the White House. Pro-peace reporting from Goodman and others increased Pacifica's take in its latest round of fund drives. Not surprisingly, Pacifica's news probably soothes more minds than it changes, notes a Houston Chronicle article.