Sep 25, 2006

"Maya and Miguel" introduces sign language

A new episode of Maya and Miguel debuting today introduces Marco, a character who speaks American Sign Language. The New York Times reports on the difficulties of animating sign language, as well as the socialization issues that producers sought to address in the program.

They got Google's attention

Vanderbilt University's 38-year archive of TV news broadcasts doubled its exposure on the Web, and nearly doubled its videotape rental income by catering to search engines, according to the Center for Social Media at American University.

Contesting conclusions of "Warhol" and "Now"

Viewers complain to PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler about the "stupid promo" that disrupted the conclusion of Ric Burns's American Masters bio of Andy Warhol. Others, including the American Conservative Union, took exception to Now's recent reports (Sept. 1 and Sept. 8) on voter registration.