Jun 23, 2004

Big PDF of a conversation between Ira Glass, host of This American Life, and graphic novelist Chris Ware.
In a financial report (PDF), the c.f.o. of Pacifica warns that the network "cannot survive" its current level of spending on governance, which includes the cost of its elaborate board elections.
You won't see Bob Edwards on TV anytime soon. "It's so bogus," he tells the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "They put makeup on you. There are cardboard bookcases behind you. I can't feel normal."
"If you can make it through this show without crying, consider yourself a stoic." The Boston Globe reviews Hank Williams: Honky Tonk Blues, an American Masters documentary debuting tonight on PBS.
Around Town, WETA-TV's last regularly scheduled local series, is being reformatted into interstitial spots, reports the Washington Post. Television V.P. Kevin Harris, who decided to end the show's 18-year run as a weekly, aims to reach more viewers by sprinkling segments on local arts and culture into primetime program breaks. "We think it's changing into a really dynamic format," Harris told the Post.