Mar 30, 2007

In Albuquerque Journal, PBS is "losing the battle"

"[I]t is fundamentally wrong to exclude the Latino experience on a subject of the magnitude of World War II, especially in a high-profile, publicly supported project like The War," says Eduardo Díaz, executive director of the National Hispanic Cultural Center, in an Albuquerque Journal report on the controversy over Ken Burns' forthcoming PBS series. In an editorial published today, the Journal calls on KNME to drop Burns' documentary from its schedule and highlight local programs on New Mexico's WWII veterans.

Grandmas get their game on

The gaming industry has discovered an enthusiastic and growing audience among retirees, according to the New York Times. “Baby boomers and up are definitely our fastest-growing demographic, and it is because the fear factor is diminishing,” said Beatrice Spaine, marketing director. “Women come for the games, but they stay for the community....It’s kind of a MySpace for seniors.”