Dec 6, 2004

The FCC got only a few hundred indecency complaints in 2001, but about 14,000 in 2002 and no less than 240,000 in 2003, just before its Janet Jackson crackdown. Today, Todd Shields of MediaWeek revealed an unreleased FCC estimate that 99.8 percent of the 2003 complaints came from one organization, Parents Television Council. The same was true for 99.8 percent of complaints in 2004, through October. Via SPJ PressNotes. PTC, founded by conservative media watchdog Brent Bozell, monitors and compiles reports on sex, innuendo and violence on broadcast and cable networks, according to its website.
"We had agreed on the destination we were to arrive at, but somewhere along the line NPR wavered in the journey," says Tavis Smiley in Time of his decision to leave NPR. He also says President Bush's Cabinet is more diverse than his former employer.
NPR has named Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne permanent hosts of Morning Edition.