Jun 26, 2006

In Texas, Fighting to Keep Brahms on Air - New York Times

Lovers of classical music are fighting to keep KTPB in Kilgore, Texas, on the air, reports the New York Times. "Just because we live out here in the middle of nowhere doesn't mean we have to be a cultural void," says a executive director of a nearby symphony orchestra.

Study: Few consumers know that HD Radio offers multicast capability

A radio audience research firm found that only one percent of respondents to a telephone survey knew that HD Radio can provide more channels of programming. "Our research reveals that radio needs to explain HD Radio and its benefits for listeners," writes Mark Kassof. Meanwhile, Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post writes that he returned his Boston Acoustics HD Radio out of frustration with the on-again, off-again status of a few multicast channels in the Washington area.

Boing Boing: This American Life / podcaster flap: former intern rebuts.

At Boing Boing, a former intern with This American Life weighs in on a debate over unofficial podcasts of the show. Thanks to this intern, we learn that ". . . Ira's not trying to cheat you. He is, in fact, a very nice guy. Like, for instance, if he were going out to get lunch, he'd ask you if you wanted anything, and then he'd bring it back, and he wouldn't make you pay for it. And, say, if you were going out to get lunch, and you asked him if he wanted anything, he'd tell you and give you money to go get it, and sometimes he'd let you borrow his car. He's a nice guy."

Radio exec gets probation

The Detroit Free Press reports that Michael Coleman, g.m. of WDET-FM in Detroit, was sentenced to two years' probation June 22 for embezzling from Michigan Radio, his former employer.

Technology360: NPR vs. PBS web traffic

Dennis Haarsager uses Alexa to compare web traffic for and and finds them pretty close. But the website of New York's WNYC-AM/FM draws more traffic than that of WNET-TV.