Feb 5, 2011

Hurry up and read this item ...

As of 11 p.m. Eastern Saturday (Feb. 5), KQED had pulled in 392 new members in a half-price deal on Groupon (that link only visible until end of the deal Sunday). Yup, for $20, it's a basic membership (a $40 value) and for $75, a leadership circle membership ($150 value). What's Groupon? FAQ's here. Is this cool or what?

UPDATE: 11:30, 393.

ITVS creates Egypt & Democracy page

The CPB-funded Independent Television Service has posted an Egypt & Democracy page with content and resources to help visitors better understand the historical context behind the ongoing violent anti-government protests. "ITVS has a history of working with international filmmakers as well as community organizers, educators, and activists to trace the evolution of democracy movements worldwide," spokesperson Voleine Amilcar told Current.

WDFH, the little community station that could

Today's feel-good pubcasting story is brought to you by the local news site, with its story datelined Ossining, N.Y., about WDFH – a station with far too complex and quirky a history to detail here. It begins back when Marc Sophos spent about 20 years to get an FCC license, starting in 1973 when he was a student at Dobbs Ferry High School, and it includes the phrase, "This is the first time in the station’s entire history that it has had a viable signal and a studio at the same time."

Al Jazeera English fans ask providers for channel; MHz reports unsolicited pubcasting donations citing AJE coverage

More than 10,000 e-mails have poured in to cable and satellite providers from Americans requesting that their cable and satellite providers carry the international news channel Al Jazeera English, the news org reported today (Feb. 5). The channel's wall-to-wall coverage of the Egyptian revolution – which includes correspondents in the crowds that remain unnamed on the air to ensure their safety – has been getting a attention and praise from mainstream media outlets.

Programming from AJE is offered to public stations via MHz Networks on its WorldView channel. Viewer response to last week's extended news coverage on public stations has been positive, MHz spokesperson Stephanie Misar tells Current. KSMQ in Austin, Minn., began receiving unsolicited donations Feb. 1 citing AJE, and KCET in Los Angeles and Colorado Public Television/KBDI in Denver are doing AJE promotions.

MHz Worldview, which includes AJE programming, is available in more than half the top-20 U.S. television markets, serving more than 35 million households through broadcast and cable affiliates. The Washington, D.C., market, home to MHz in Falls Church, Va., also has a dedicated channel for AJE.