Jun 3, 2005

CPB’s general counsel has taken the FCC job vacated by her new boss. Donna Gregg, CPB’s top lawyer since October 2002, will be the commission’s Media Bureau chief, succeeding Ken Ferree, now acting president at CPB. Like her new boss, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, Gregg is a Duke University grad who worked at the Wiley, Rein & Fielding law firm. Ferree went to Georgetown with Michael Powell, Martin's predecessor as FCC chairman.
The FCC has granted 17 construction permits for low-power FM stations, reports Radio World.
Media Matters for America and its new blog offspring, Hands Off Public Broadcasting, see inadequate balance in CPB's pair of ombudsmen. While William Schulz "is clearly a conservative, the other, Ken Bode, is hardly a liberal."
"I think radio needs a lot more silliness," says Garrison Keillor in the Boston Globe.