Sep 20, 2007

PBS viewers angry about exclusion of Kucinich and Gravel

In today's PBS ombudsman's column, Michael Getler posts letters from viewers who are angry about Iowa Public Television and AARP's exclusion of Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel from tonight's debate.

Kucinich criticizes Iowa PubTV for excluding him

Dennis Kucinich chastized AARP and Iowa Public Television in a recent release for excluding him from tonight's Democratic Presidential Forum, which will focus on health care and financial security. The Iowa Democratic Party has said Kucinich does not have an "active organization" in the state. Kucinich said: "How can AARP and Iowa Public Television claim they are committed to education and informing the voters of Iowa on the number one domestic issue in this campaign when they deny a voice to the only candidate who is leading the effort to bring real reform to the health care system by ending the control of for-profit insurance and pharmaceutical companies?"

Ken Burns' companion book already a best-seller

The companion book to Ken Burns' The War, co-authored with Geoffrey C. Ward, "was released last week and makes its debut today at No. 34 on USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list," reports the paper. The $50 book follows successful print renditions of The Civil War and Baseball.