Mar 2, 2009

NPR's Schiller mulls strengths of public and commercial media

NPR prez Vivian Schiller spoke at the National Press Club in Washington today, focusing on what commercial media can learn from pubcasting--and the other way around. Public broadcasters, she said, shouldn't be shy about promoting and marketing themselves aggressively, as their commercial cousins do. And for-profit media would do well to take note of the dedication of the public broadcasting workforce. “There are 8,000 people that work in public radio … Nobody in public media is there because they think they’re going to get rich fast, or even slow. They’re all motivated by the mission.”

Obama deduction proposal debate continues

There's disagreement in the nonprofit world over the potential effects of President Barack Obama's proposal to reduce charitable deductions for wealthy donors, The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports. Some groups such as Independent Sector and the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning say the move would put a damper on donations; others analysts say the change wouldn't make much difference.