Feb 14, 2003

Ellen Kushner, host of public radio's Sound and Spirit, has helped launch the Interstitial Arts movement.
Maigstrates in Kentucky have refused to endorse a grant application from Whitesburg's Appalshop because of an alleged unpatriotic remark by a DJ on WMMT-FM, reports the Associated Press. Appalshop operates WMMT, a community radio station.
The Daily Northwestern goes behind the scenes at NPR's Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Host Peter Sagal acknowledges he's achieve a modicum of fame but will "never reach Bitch Goddess level." (Via Romenesko.)
After fielding more advocates on the Hill than ever before, APTS reported that Congress had reduced the amount it will rescind from this year's CPB funding. Instead of cutting $10 mil to $15 mil, Congress applied a smaller cut of 0.65% or $2.37 million. APTS called it a "tremendous victory." Congress also agreed to lay out its largest amount for the digital transition -- $48.7 million -- in addition to $43.5 million for PTFP, which will spend much of its budget this year on digital.
Some Pacificans are urging the network's board to guarantee seats for women and people of color.