Feb 4, 2005

More than 20 pubTV stations have aired the gay moms episode of Postcards from Buster, or plan to, producing station WGBH told the press. Included are big ones in Chicago (says the Tribune), Los Angeles (says UPI), San Francisco (says, San Diego (says the Union-Tribune) and Seattle (says the Post-Intelligencer). Also: the Oregon network (press release), the North Carolina's UNC-TV (says ABC11, Durham), Buffalo (says the gay paper Outcome Buffalo) and Spokane (ABC affiliate KXLY-TV). Some are airing it in daytime hours when kids are watching (S.F., San Diego, Seattle, Buffalo, Spokane). Among those choosing not to air the show, at least for now, are those closest to Capitol Hill: WETA and Maryland PTV (says DC's gay Blade), as well as stations in Kentucky and Cincinnati (Cincinnati Post) and Moline, Ill. (QuadCities Online).

Meanwhile, Broadcasting & Cable reports that the Education Department re-invited Buster's executive producer to this week's Ready to Learn conference in Baltimore, which it cosponsors with PBS. The feds had dropped her earlier.
Salon asks: has PBS become the White House's lap dog?
Mommygate is prompting a dialogue about tolerance. Columnist Ellen Goodman asks: "... how did acceptance become translated into propaganda? And what on Earth happens if tolerance is defined as intolerable?" (in the Seattle Times and other papers). But some religious figures warn that tolerance is dangerous if it lets schools "brainwash" kids to think every lifestyle is OK, AP reports.