Sep 8, 2010

Attention, RSS feeders

Don't miss Current's update on the new owner of Nightly Business Report, Mykalai Kontilai. Here's the new story, and Current's original article.

Marketplace gets Freaky this fall

Freakonomics co-author Stephen J. Dubner, American Public Media and New York Public Radio are joining to present "Freakonomics Radio" this fall, according to a press release from American Public Media Group posted on the Romenesko journalism website. The statement said the show will include "radio, podcast, web and live event programming imbued with the best-selling book's iconoclastic approach to everyday economics – an approach that has found new ways to catch terrorists (hint: they don't buy life insurance), and found the answers to questions such as, 'Which is more dangerous: A gun or a swimming pool?'" It will initially be offered biweekly, then weekly in early 2011.

Former WBEZ program director kicks off Chicago Newsroom on pubaccess channel

Chicago Newsroom, a new weekly roundtable featuring a panel of local journalists and newsmakers, premieres Thursday (Sept. 9) on Chicago Access Network Television -- in the wake of longtime Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's Tuesday (Sept. 7) announcement that he will not seek reelection. Heading up the new show is Ken Davis, former talk show host and program director of Chicago Public Media WBEZ-FM (91.5), who also spent seven years as director of the city’s Municipal Television system. Chicago Newsroom will also stream live here.