Dec 6, 2006

Audio clips of Bob Fass

The New Yorker has declined to post on its website the article about WBAI host and freeform pioneer Bob Fass that appears in this week's issue. But you can download two MP3s of clips from Fass's Radio Unnameable, one of which is 90 minutes of a 1966 appearance by Bob Dylan.

NPR : 'This American Life' Is Ready for Its TV Close-Up

NPR's Lynn Neary reports on the This American Life TV show as it prepares for its debut next year. "I don't see any positive aspect of being on camera," says host Ira Glass. "I am 47 years old, I don't like looking at myself. After a certain point, no one likes looking at themselves on television. There's just no upside."

LA Observed: Upheaval at 'Weekend America'

American Public Media has dropped Barbara Bogaev as co-host of Weekend America and is relocating some of the show's staffers to St. Paul, Minn., according to an internal memo posted at LA Observed.

Release: KOOP’s New Home -- Rolas de Aztlan: KPFT Notes

KOOP-FM in Austin, Texas, is moving into new studios this week, 10 months after its former studios burned to the ground.

PBS coffee said to be sweetly balanced

PBS Blend -- a coffee that's "sweetly balanced and smooth, with full flavor and a rich finish" -- will be sold by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, which announced it today from Waterbury, Vt. The coffee is grown in Mexico with environmentally responsible practices, and its Fair Trade Certified label indicates the farmers get a fair price, the company said. Green Mountain ranked No. 1 in Business Ethics magazine's list 100 "best corporate citizens," not far above Starbucks, and No. 98 among Fortune Small Business magazine's top 100 fastest-growing small stockholder-owned companies, right after Peet's Coffee.