Sep 5, 2006

WTC's blue and white collar heroes

Of the two documentaries airing tonight that recall the fiery collapses of the World Trade Center's twin towers, New York Times Critic Virginia Heffernan prefers Spike TV's program over PBS's. "Once you give in to the program’s pointy-headedness, though, the pedantry is not worthless," she writes of Nova's "Building on Ground Zero."

Bozell to hand over reins of PTC

Brent Bozell will step down as president of the Parent's Television Council, the group that led the charge against broadcast indecency after Janet Jackson's 2004 "wardrobe malfunction." His successor is Tim Winter, a former NBC executive who wants to work collaboratively with broadcasters, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Claim: New TV tech will double visible color palette

Researchers in Switzerland say they're developing a nano technology that will allow future TVs to present every color the human eye can see, or roughly double the range offered by current plasma, LCD and projection screens, Wired reports. It will likely take at least eight years to get the technology, which uses an elastic, rather than fixed, diffraction grating that can be tuned to present additional colors, into commercial products.