Jul 13, 2005

The Public Radio Exchange Flickr stream offers a behind-the-scenes photographic peek into the innovative online content shop.
HearingVoices offers a pop quiz on radio with some questions related to public broadcasting.
Guests on yesterday's Democracy Now! debated whether public broadcasting should be federally funded and other matters. (A nimble argument from David Boaz of the Cato Institute: "[Y]our bias is subtle enough that most of your viewers don't recognize it, and that's the most effective bias of all.")
CPB's Inspector General will also investigate whether the agency's hiring of Patricia Harrison as president was inappropriately conducted, according to Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), who requested the inquiry. CPB Board member Ernest Wilson said on yesterday's Democracy Now! that he "was disturbed by the way in which the search was conducted." Meanwhile, PBS President Pat Mitchell called CPB's monitoring of public TV programming for liberal bias "very troubling," reports the Washington Post.
"16 seconds of audible breathing from one hour's worth of All Things Considered," courtesy of artist Chuck Jones. (MP3. Via WFMU-FM's excellent blog.)